My objective and drive as an artist is to reveal the inner complexity and beauty of the life around us, and to portray them in both inviting and treacherous ways. When finding inspiration, I look for things that have a unique rhythm or contrast, things that are repetitious and linear, and pacuiliarities that don’t give away the concept on first or second glance. Above all, the main element of my inspiration and work is juxtaposition. Visual situations that are irregular or skewed in different fashions. I want to illustrate a world that is filled with lines, compositions, and repetition that catch your eye, and a narrative to occupy your mind. A large percentage of my work involves animals as a focus rather than human figure, as I believe it only further pushes a metaphorical statement and can represent things underneath a human’s nature. My work and intricately introverted approach is applied to editorial illustration, fine art settings, branding and licensing, graphic design, and visual problems that rely on cognitive thought and illustrious explanation.

BFA Illustration, Art History
Savannah College of Art and Design 2016


Clients include:
Bugle Magazine, (RMEF) - Montana
The New Atlantis Journal - Washington DC
Berlin Quarterly - Germany
Capelight Pictures - Germany
Project 615 - Nashville Tennessee
Soul Craft Coffee Company - Middle Tennessee
Lahire - Nashville Tennessee
The Emory Group - South Carolina
FORGED Nutrition Co. - Middle Tennessee

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Recent Accolades

2018 - AIGA Western Kentucky U. - Fall Speaker and Panel
2018 - RocketLight Magazine - Winter '18 Issue, Featured Work
2017 - iJungle Awards - Editorial Illustration Merit Award
2017 - - "Best Graphic Designers in Tennessee"
2017 - Garde Magazine - Winter Issue Featured Artist
2016 - Applied Arts Award Winner - Fall '16 Exhibtition/Issue
2016 - Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Award Exhibition
2016 - Creative Quarterly - Issue #44 Runner Up
2016 - Port City Review - Issue #4 Feature
2016 - SCAD Graduate Illustration Anthology Appearance
2016 - SCAD Major Connections Spring Lecture Speaker
2016 - SCAD Drawing Works Appearance
2015 - Port City Review - Issue #3 Feature
2015 - SCAD Annual Bookmark Contest - 2nd Place